Ned Yost media session: July 22

When Royals’ manager Ned Yost met with the media inside his office this morning the first topic of discussion was the changes in the batting order for today’s game that brought Mike Moustakas up to the third-spot in the order.  Yost said they are trying to find someone who can fit in that spot until they can get Eric Hosmer going again and back in that role.  He also said that is going to be a while because they want to settle “Hos” down and get him back to what he is capable of again before they put him back in that spot.  They debated putting Lorenzo Cain into the third-spot because of what he has been doing with the bat recently, but they opted to put Moose in there.  Yost went on to say he feels he has several players who can hit in that three spot such as Alex Gordon and Cain, but they are going with Moose for right now and long-term they see Hos in that spot for many years once he gets going again.  He feels Moose will do a good job in that spot for them, but he does have options. 

 The Royals’ newest addition to the rotation and today’s starter against the Twins, right hander Jeremy Guthrie, was the next topic.  Yost said it is hard to judge a pitcher based on just one start because he is still trying to get settled in, there is a lot of excitement and it is a fresh start for him.  Yost is confident that new start will help Guthrie and he is looking for him to throw a good game today.  Guthrie has had good success in the past against the Twins (4-1, 2.70 ERA) and Yost thinks he will harness the change of scenery as well as the transition back to the A.L. and throw the ball well today.

The health of Cain after being off the disabled list since July 9 was the next question from the media.  Yost said he is still at about 85 percent, but he is feeling very good and doing fine.  He said he would like to give Cain a day off for some rest and maintained good health, but with the way he has been swinging the bat he just cannot do that right now.  They have to win ball games and put the best lineup together and right now that means they do not want Cain out of it.

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Offesnse needs a spark…. Uhhhh, can we say, David Lough?

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