Ned Yost media session: July 21

Before tonight’s game against the Minnesota Twins, Ned Yost met with the media. Today there was some change with Salvador Perez and Lorenzo Cain moving up in the lineup. “We are going day to day with it and he (Perez) has been swinging the bat good and Cain has been swinging the bat good, so we moved them up. In those spots you might get them one more bat than you would at the bottom of the order. So we can see if we can take advantage with that,” said Yost.

Yesterday, Yost mentioned he was having a difficult decision between Luis Mendoza and Everett Teaford on who would be taking the mound in tonight’s game. Yost ended up choosing Mendoza because “he has been throwing better. His last four starts have been really good. He has gone deep in the games and he just has real confidence in his pitching,” said Yost.  He then followed with “I think he is commanding the ball well. He’s pitching ahead in the count. He is starting to use the outside part of the plate and he is keeping batters off balance. His last four or five starts he has mixed in his curveball more effectively, he has mixed in a four-seam fastball down and away, a cutter, and a changeup so now the batters aren’t sitting on one pitch. It’s helped him in my view a great deal getting into the third time around (against the batting order).”


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