Dayton Moore, Ned Yost comment on trade for Guthrie

Royals’ general manager Dayton Moore and manager Ned Yost each met with the media this afternoon inside the dugout to discuss this morning’s trade with Colorado that sent left-hander Jonathan Sanchez to the Rockies in exchange for right-handed pitcher, Jeremy Guthrie.  Dayton said Guthrie did not work out the way the Rockies had hoped this season and Sanchez did not the way they hoped in Kansas City either, therefore this trade will give both pitchers a shot at a fresh start.  Dayton said they wish Jonathan the best in his future with Colorado and they are expecting Jeremy to come in and do a very good job for the Royals and give them some innings and stability in the rotation.  Dayton is hopeful he will pitch better in this second half and away from Colorado. 

Yost said Jeremy has a good fastball, a good slider, a decent curveball and a decent changeup.  He went on to say he was Baltimore’s number one starter in 2009-2011 and when the Royals have faced him in the past he has been very good.  Yost also said he was not only impressed with his stuff, but also his competitiveness on the mound.  He said there are certain instances and situations when a change in scenery is what is needed and a player will really benefit from that.  Yost offered pitcher Felipe Paulino as an example when he too came over from Colorado in 2011 after a rocky start.  He then said they are hopeful Jeremy will take a lot of pressure off the bullpen by providing good innings and he will really help out the staff as a whole.  He said they are excited to get Jeremy over here and he is looking forward to see where this takes the Royals. 

Jeremy’s numbers with the Rockies, especially at their home park Coors Field, were not outstanding and was the topic of discussion for the media, Moore and Yost.  Dayton said he does not know what kind of affect pitching at Coors Field had on Jeremy and some pitchers go out there and pitch very well and others do not.  He went on to say when he spoke with Jeremy earlier today he did not make any excuses about the way he pitched involving the ballpark or the elevation, instead he just felt he was not making good enough pitches and guys were squaring him up.  Yost said in the light air at Coors in Colorado it is tough to pitch.  He said, for whatever reason, it is harder to spin a breaking ball and command the ball.  He said it is very dry out there which makes pitching tougher because pitchers will tell you that humidity and moisture help grip a baseball.  He said that is why you see guys lick their fingers or wipe sweat off their brow when their on the mound, it’s because that moisture helps you spin the ball and get a grip on the ball.  He said it is difficult to get that same feeling on a ball out in Colorado.  Yost said he feels it is going to be different for him to come here and he feels the conditions are set up favorably for him to have success here. 

Yost said the addition of Jeremy to the roster and rotation will send Everett Teaford into the bullpen and back into a long relief role.  He said Teaford is a great guy for that role and has proved that he can be trusted to come in the game in situations like that and keep a game where it is while eating up innings and saving the bullpen.  He said he likes Teaford in the starting role as well, but Luis Mendoza has been doing well and they want to give Will Smith more time starting too, therefore long relief is what he will do right now.

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