Ned Yost media session: July 15

Alcides Escobar was the first topic of discussion when manager Ned Yost met with the media in his office before this afternoon’s game.  Before yesterday’s game, the media discussed how well “Esky has been doing in the two-spot. He then followed that with a monster game featuring two tiebreaking home runs and three RBI.  Yost said, “The home runs kind of take away from what he does really well, which is hit the ball up the middle and the other way, but he has the ability obviously to hit for some power.”  He went on to say, “Esky’s performance last night was very impressive and he has had a great offensive year to this point and I am very impressed to see the progress he has made to this point.”

First baseman Eric Hosmer was the next topic brought up by the media and how he is different from last year.  One reporter asked the question, “Are teams are pitching him different?”  Yost said, “They are pitching Hos a lot different this year.  When you have a young kid that first comes up, pitchers and teams do not know them until they learn about them and once they start to figure out who he is, they start making adjustments.  They come into the league and the league adjusts to them and then they have to adjust back to that.”  With that he said, “They are pitching him different, they are fielding him different (alluding to the shift he often faces) and he has been facing a lot of left handed pitchers down the stretch in games.”  Yost said, “It is tough on Hos, but it is good for him and in the long run and it will pay off because he will get better and better against lefties.  It is a learning process and an adjustment period for Hos right now.”  Another reporter asked the question, “Are the big leagues where he needs to make those adjustments.”  Yost responded with, “This is definitely where he needs to be and he cannot really see him doing it anywhere else.  Hosmer never had much trouble coming up through the minor leagues and this is his first real struggle he has had. You really get polished as a hitter at the Major League level.  The game is a lot different and every pitcher at this level can do things almost everyone at the minor league level cannot, so it is a process to get hitters where they are very consistent and productive.  It is an absolute matter of patience.  You worry more about the player in this situation, making sure he perseveres through this because he will get through it and I have no doubt how excellent Hosmer will be for years to come. I believe once he matures and gains his consistency you will see him in the All-Star Game for many years to come.”  Hosmer just has to keep up the hard work and good things will happen. “I have seen many players go through struggles like Hosmer and it is nothing out of the ordinary.  Escobar went through it in Milwaukee and Mike Moustakas went through it early last year and both of those guys have really come on this season. You just have to have patience with young guys who are gifted, natural players and Hosmer is definitely that. I am proud of the way he continues to battle and grind it out while not getting carried away with the negatives.”

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