Ned Yost media session: July 14

Lorenzo Cain’s absence from tonight’s lineup was the first topic of discussion when Royals’ manager Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon.  Yost said Cain is doing fine, but they wanted to give him the day off because a right hander is throwing for Chicago and he just came off the disabled list where he spent half of the season.  Yost said they will be facing two lefties back-to-back the next two days, therefore they want Cain in the lineup both of those days for sure so some rest will be good for him after a 14-inning game last night.  Yost went on to say they do not want to push him too hard just yet either and they need to build him back up to playing five to six games a week and they will go from there.  He said they will give him the rest today then stretch him out starting tomorrow for maybe three games in a row then go from there.  Ned then reassured everyone that Cain is feeling great and could undoubtedly play tonight, but they do not want to rush anything.

Pitching was the next topic brought up by the media following the marathon game last night.  The bullpen was very active throughout the game with Louis Coleman and Tim Collins both throwing a decent amount of pitches, but Yost said they are resilient and he has no doubt they can both return on the mound again tonight if needed.  Yost said they did a pretty good job of keeping guys at a low pitch count last night in order to somewhat preserve the bullpen for tonight’s game so they are in pretty good shape out there.  He said most guys stayed at or under 15 pitches aside from Coleman and Collins, but he knew they would be able to bounce back and still throw today even with the slightly higher pitch counts.

Alcides Escobar was the final topic the media brought up with Ned this afternoon.  Yost complimented Escobar’s numbers and production in the two-spot and said he is doing everything they want him to do in that spot.  He also said that they were seeing great production out of him when he was hitting in the bottom of the order as well which speaks to how good off a ballplayer Escobar is.  Yost said he can see Escobar hitting in the two-spot for a championship caliber team therefore they need to develop him there for when that time comes and so far it is an excellent fit.    



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