Ned Yost media session: June 25

Tonight’s starting pitcher for the Royals, right-hander Luke Hochevar, was the first topic of discussion when manager Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon.  One media member brought up a comment from Yost after Hochevar’s last start in which he said a key to his success was not overusing his cut fastball.  The media asked if the phrase “pitchers falling in love with a pitch” is what has happened to Hoch in rough starts this season. Yost replied saying he used the pitch a lot and got hit around with it more than he needed to, but he has made the adjustment and is throwing his curveball and four-seam fastball much more effectively.  Yost said he is throwing the ball very well now.

The next question asked by the media involved comparing the Tampa Bay Rays and where they have come from to get to the caliber team they are now each year to the Royals and where they want to be headed.  Yost said he believes there are several similarities there going back a few years ago when the Rays restocked their farm system and then brought them all together up to the big leagues to develop together as a team at that level.  He said it is similar to the philosophy here in Kansas City and what is being done.

Mike Moustakas hit in the third spot in the batting order yesterday and is in there again today.  A media member asked if Moose has the potential to be an every day starter in that position or what the plan is.  Yost said they are just going day by day with it, but he believes Moose has the ability and talent to hit in any spot of the order.  The Royals think he is going to be a middle of the order hitter for them, but he said he feels Eric Hosmer would probably be a better fit in the third spot and then Moose in the fourth hole.  However, right now the way the order is now is what is best for the team.  Hosmer is hitting in the sixth spot in the order today and Yost said they are trying to get him going and the Royals are hopeful this spot in the lineup will help with that.  Yost said he has shown signs where he looks like he is getting hotter and then other times when he struggles a little, but he feels a lower spot in the lineup is what he needs to really get going and back to where he can be.

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