Ned Yost media session: June 6

Manager Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon before tonight’s final game of the Minnesota Twins series. Alcides Escobar was given a break this game and Yuniesky Betancourt will be filling in for him at shortstop. Yost said, “He has had one day off all year long and it is just time. I look for a day off when we have another day off next to give him a “two-for-one”. It was the perfect scenario for him.”

To begin Interleague play on Friday, Eric Hosmer will be playing in right field along the side of Jeff Francoeur in center. “He (Hosmer) is such an athletic player and he will be able to make the adjustment. He looked good when we put him there during spring training,” said Yost. Hosmer gives the Royals options since he is able to play the outfield and first base. Yost said, “He is a very accomplish defender at first base and gives us options, which is a good thing to have. It opens up opportunities to get us our best hitters on the field.”

The Royals’ players are a bunch of hard workers that will show up to the field early to take batting practice and work on their defense. “These guys are young and advanced for being young. They all have a hunger to play the game right and at a championship level and they know that involves consistency. They work every single day on various aspects of their game to try to be the best that they can be.” In the end, all of their hard work is going to pay off and get them to where they want to go.

The off day tomorrow will give the Royals a clean slate with pitching. Yost said, “It benefits us more today than it does in Pittsburgh because generally we tend to pitch guys two days in a row and then give them a day off and I don’t have anyone in the scenario tonight. So we can use them today and they have an automatic day off tomorrow.” With the two off days coming up (also next Monday) it will provides the Royals with the opportunity to go with four starters until the St. Louis series next weekend.

Luke Hochevar has had a rough couple of starts for the Royals this season and they count on him to lead their staff alongside of Felipe Paulino and Bruce Chen. Yost said, “We constantly think about Hochevar and what we need to do to get him to be consistently successful. We think that we need to get him to focus more on his core pitches and if he can do that we think that will be the difference in him getting over the hump.”

Tomorrow Salvador Perez, Chris Getz and Everett Teaford will be in Omaha playing with the Storm Chasers. Perez caught seven innings yesterday in Arizona, so he is getting close to catching nine innings. “He will not be an everyday player when he first gets here because we have to work with him to getting back to an everyday routine, but I imagine he will catch four days a weeks and we are trying to prepare him for that schedule,” said Yost.  We will be seeing Perez back at Kauffman Stadium as soon as he is ready.


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