Royals compete second day of draft

The Kansas City Royals completed the second day of the 2012 First-Year Rule 4 Player Draft today, selecting 14 players after drafting University of San Francisco pitcher Kyle Zimmer in the first round (fifth overall) on Monday. 
Kansas City’s first selection of the day came in the second round (66th overall) with 21-year-old Sam Selman, a left-handed pitcher from Vanderbilt University.  Left-hander pitcher Colin Rodgers, from Parkview Baptist (La.) High School, was the club’s third round pick (100th overall). 
The club selected eight players out of high school and six from the college ranks today, including two junior college picks. Among the 15 players selected over the first two days, the position-by-position breakdown includes: eight pitchers (three right-handers, five left-handers), two catchers, two infielders and three outfielders.
Below is a complete list of the players selected by the Kansas City Royals through the first two days of the 2012 Rule 4 First-Year Player Draft.  The draft concludes with rounds 16 through 40 on Wednesday beginning at 11 a.m. CDT.


Why didn’t Nick Petree, RHP from Missouri State University, NCAA Player of the year
get drafted? Yes he has had TJ surgery but is recovering exceptionally well. I would have thought he would have been a steal in the later rounds for sure!! I could not believe some of the picks in front of him. I think we lost out on something special there.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. The kid has dominated the collegiate level. He’s led the nation in ERA and was the Louisville Player of the year (among many other awards and records). What’s the deal?

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