Ned Yost media session: June 3

When Ned Yost met with the media in his office this morning the absence of Mike Moustakas in the lineup was the first item discussed.  Yost said everything is fine with Moose, he just wanted to give him a day off to get some rest.  Moose has not had a day off since the sixth game of the season when the Royals were at Oakland and they saw today as an opportunity to give him a little break.  Yost said he does not think it will be a total day off for Moose, however, and he looks to use his defense in maybe the sixth or seventh inning of today’s game if and when the Royals have the lead.   Yost said Moose has been fantastic for them and it was tough to even give him the day off today because of his level of play.  He went on to say you have to pick your spots and since he hasn’t had a break since the sixth game today was a good day with the lefty going for Oakland.

A’s starter Tommy Milone and his last outing against the Royals was the second topic brought up by the media.  Milone only allowed three hits through eight innings of work in his last start against KC winning 1-0 on April 9 in Oakland.  Yost commented about the last time by saying Milone changed speeds extremely well and located his fastball extremely well.  He went on to say Milone is a command guy and when he commands his pitches he moves the ball in and out while changing speeds which keeps hitters off balance and is very tough to hit.

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