Ned Yost media session: June 1

When manager Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon, Yuniesky Betancourt’s return to the lineup was the first topic of discussion.  Yost said it is good to see they are starting to at least get closer to having a lot of their injured players come and Yuni is the first one.  Yost went on to say he [Betancourt] swung the bat very well during his rehab stint and his ankle is back to 100 percent.  He said Yuni has regained all the mobility in the previously injured ankle and it is good to have him back.   Yost did not say whether or not Betancourt was going to be the everyday second baseman for the Royals, but he is playing tonight and batting second.  He said they will see how he does tonight and how he feels then go from there.

The media asked Yost about the decision of sending Irving Falu back down to Omaha rather than Johnny Giavotella with Betancourt’s return.  Yost said Johnny has a better bat for the Royals off the bench.  He then went on to say Yuni and Falu are kind of like the same player from an off-the-bench standpoint because they are very good utility guys and can play anywhere on the infield.  The Royals also like Johhny’s bat from the right side late in games. Yost said he is a strong offensive player and really works hard so they like him late in games even though he is a younger player.

The last topic brought up during Yost’s media meeting was the lack of wins up to this point in the season at home and how that effects the team going into this home stand.  Yost said the answer is simple; they need to play better here at home.  He said they have been playing better, the starting pitching is starting to settle in, the bullpen has been phenomenal and more importantly the offense is starting to pick up.  He gave the example of when the Royals were able to score five two-out runs on Wednesday at Cleveland.  He said that is a very good sign and he is excited to see how they do this homestand.

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