Ned Yost media session, May 20

Royals manager, Ned Yost, met with the media this morning and the topic of discussion was pitching. “People have to realize that these guys aren’t robots. They are going to have good days and bad days and our guys are going to have a lot more good days than bad days, but they are going to come in and have days when they are going to get hit,” said Yost. Nate Adcock will be the starting pitcher this afternoon in the final game of the Arizona series.  Yost said. “He has great natural movement on his fastball and his slider and changeup have improved from last year. So the key to him is throwing strikes, keeping the ball down and staying ahead in the count and he has been doing that all year.”

Alex Gordon, Jeff Francouer and Eric Hosmer have been struggling at the plate. Yost said “They are just off on their timing and late on fastballs and as soon as they can get themselves back on that fastball that is when they will take off.”  Yost has never worried about Hosmer losing his confidence during his hitting slump. “I don’t think he will ever lose his confidence. He got a little frustrated when we sat him down those two days, but confidence was not an issue,” said Yost. Hosmer just needed to have a two-day rest period where he could catch his breath and clear his mind.

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