Ned Yost media session: May 17

Manager Ned Yost spoke about having a day game directly after a long night game like last night first when he met with the media this morning.  Yost said he does not mind having a day game after a night game like this, especially after the one they had last night.  He added it is good to get going out here early because you do not want to sit around all day waiting on a night game, dwelling on what happened the night before.  In the Royals’ case, the 15 inning heartbreaker suffered last night.  Yost said he prefers day games over night games in general and especially on getaway days.  Although this is not necessarily a getaway day for Kansas City as they stay home for the weekend, but it is for Baltimore and he said it is good for both clubs either way.

Eric Hosmer was the next topic brought up in Yost’s meeting with the media.   He said Hos has been really grinding through his slump and trying to stay positive, but he will relax a little bit and clear his mind with his off days today and tomorrow.  He went on to say normally in these cases you just get into the cage and hammer it out, but he has been doing that, but the results are not showing in the game.  Yost said basically he just is not hitting in a lot of luck right now and lining out or hitting the ball hard right at people.  It will be a good chance to clear his head for a couple days and be ready to go on Saturday.  Yost said it is more of a mental break for him and they do not really even want him in the cage during it.   They just want him to relax and clear his head then get back after it Saturday.  He said when you are struggling you are obviously not going to get back to a high average quickly, instead you just have to take it one day at a time and a lot of times simply let the game come to you instead of always trying to go out and get it and press.  Yost said he has confidence Hosmer will make the adjustments and break out of his slump.  He said that Hos has all the natural abilities and talent, but sometimes he is just trying to hard when a lot of times you just need to play the game.  He said going through tough times provides experience and Hosmer will grow from this and be just fine.

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