Ned Yost media session: May 16

Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon and a hot topic of discussion was Eric Hosmer. A question was asked about Hosmer’s solid defense at first base and Yost immediately mentioned his offense as well, “Hosmer is swinging the bat very well and he’s not getting much to show for it. This kid has probably got 17, 18 lineouts which is the difference between hitting .170 and .450. He is very unlucky right now.” Hosmer found two holes last night against Texas for a single and a double, so hopefully his luck is turning for the good. Yost discussed how Hosmer has an advanced maturity for his age and he has not let this rough patch freak him out. “He has done a really good job controlling his emotions and not losing his confidence in his abilities,” said Yost.

Jarrod Dyson is starting to understand what his tools are and use them to the best of his ability and he is doing a great job with it in the leadoff spot getting on base and scoring runs. “There is a huge difference in his approach and the way he is playing the game now compared to any time he came up last year,” said Yost.

The Royals played very well in Chicago, but they lost the first game 5-0. Yost said, “I don’t know why we haven’t played good after an off-day or rainout.” After that loss they came back the next day and won 5-0 and then played a great game on Sunday. Everybody felt good going into Texas knowing they were gaining some momentum and that carried over into a two-game sweep over the Rangers.

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