Ned Yost Media Session: May 8

The roster move that optioned Tommy Hottovy back to Omaha and recalled Vin Mazzaro was the main topic of discussion this afternoon when manager Ned Yost met with the media. Yost said they need some extra length in the bullpen after the Royals have expended their two long guys over the past couple days. Yost said he has confidence that Danny Duffy will give them a strong start and throw a good game this evening against Boston. However, you never know if something unforeseen were to happen, like an injury, and they would have to turn to the bullpen early then they would have some protection with Mazzaro out there. He went on to say Hottovy did a very nice job when he was up here and having three lefties in the pen was a nice luxury, but a long guy for protection for the Royals is needed right now.

Yost said the Royals have no plan on using Mazzaro as a starter here, even though he was in the starting rotation with Omaha. He said he is taking it one day at a time and Mazzaro is here to be the Royals’ protection tonight. Yost also added having three long-relievers in the bullpen is not something you really want to have as a manager, but for now it is needed and they are working daily to get the starting kinks worked out.

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