Ned Yost media session: May 7

Luke Hochevar was the first topic the media brought up today when meeting with Manager Ned Yost. He said, “There is no problem, we are just trying to get to the root of why big innings seem to be happening to him.” They discussed yesterday and it could be something as simple as Hoch is in a slump. Yost gave the example that there were times yesterday where he was not duplicating his mechanics on pitches which is very important and said pitchers have to have consistency when delivering your pitches. He then went on to say the ball Robinson Cano hit yesterday was a good pitch from Hoch, but you are going to have that with big league hitters. Yost said, “He does not think it is in his mind set and he thinks he is just in a rut and he will turn it around. He will continue to work and make sure his mechanics are where they need to be and he will get out of it.”

Yost said, “A pitcher’s slump is comparable to a hitter. When they are on they are locked in on every pitch and putting a good swing on balls.” It is all about consistency, Yost added. He said, “We know when Hoch is right and he is not right, right now but he will get there.” He also added they have not lost any faith in him and his role will be the same. Yost went on to say they will not be bailing on him after two bad starts, just like they would not bail on someone like Eric Hosmer, just because he is not hitting for a high average at the moment. The smart thing to do is to stick with them and keep the confidence in them because it is just a matter of time before they get out of that rut. Yost then added, “Hoch is a very important part of the pitching staff and they will not be changing anything with him and he will get back to where he has been.” He then expressed the confidence that he believes Hoch will come out in his next start and have a good one and be back on his stuff.

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