Ned Yost media session: May 6

Aside from the rainy conditions in Kansas City, Irving Falu was the first subject brought up when Ned Yost met with the media inside his office this morning.  Falu will be making his first Major debut today for the Royals.  He was selected in the 21st round by the Royals in 2003 and has spent the past three years in Omaha.  Yost said he is excited to see what Falu can do up here and he is excited to see him in his first Major League game.  He went on to compliment Falu on his hard work and dedication in the minors for the past nine to ten years to get here.  Falu will replace Alcides Escobar in the lineup today.  Jeff Francoeur and Escobar have not had a game off yet this season and Yost feels today is a good day to give them that rest.

Base running was the next biggest item of discussion.  The Royals have had quite a few stolen bases to this point in the season including Escobar’s American League leading (3-way tie) seven.  Yost said the key to this is giving players the green light, not just telling them when to go and making sure players are running in the right spots, when the conditions are favorable for a stolen base.  He said the success rate is getting back to where the Royals want it.  There are base running sessions when they have the chances on occasional off-days or before opening home stands to get even better.  Yost encourages players to be aggressive, but he wants them to be smart and, if they do make a mistake, he asks they learn something from it and apply it to their game.  He said these guys can play and they know when to go and when not to go and with a green light he feels they have a higher success rate because it is on them and more comfortable for them.  He also noted the green light is not available for all players, but can be given pitch-by-pitch and a steal sign is still implemented when he sees the opportunity.

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