Ned Yost media session: May 4

Manager Ned Yost met with the media this afternoon and injured pitcher Greg Holland was the first topic of discussion.  Yost said he will throw a light batting practice session consisting of about 25 pitches tomorrow and then play catch Sunday and Monday.  He also said Tuesday he will probably go out on a rehab assignment on his way to coming back to the bullpen.

Mike Moustakas has been playing some great defense thus far in the season and Yost said his defense has definitely improved since last season.  Yost went on to say it has improved because Moose has worked extremely hard at it and spent the whole winter getting into great shape, then got after it in day one at Spring Training.  He continues to work every day here and get better and better. Yost added he has great work ethic, great focus and a great winning attitude.  Speaking of the game-ending play from last night Moose made on the slow roller, Yost said he could see in his eye as soon as the ball was hit that he was going to make that play.

The bullpen was the next topic of discussion for Ned’s media session.  The end of the game will be decision time because Aaron Crow and Jonathan Broxton are questionable to make appearances tonight since they have thrown a decent amount recently.  Yost said he probably would not go to them, but had not completely ruled it out yet.  The Royals are hoping to get a solid start out of Bruce Chen tonight, but Yost is confident if they get at least five they will be fine.  He has several available arms in the bullpen, he just does not want to have to overuse them or abuse them.  He said they have been doing great and working hard, but he cannot kill his bullpen in the beginning of May.

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