Ned Yost media session: April 23

Today’s first topic of discussion was about Chris Getz being the leadoff hitter. Manager Ned Yost stated he is a smart player; gives you good at bats, takes pitches, and steals bases. He is swinging the bat much better this year and just has a table setter’s mindset, which the club needs right now. The Royals need guys to get on base for when their big hitters come up.

“We got to have a win today and it would mean a lot if we ended this homestand with a win,” said Yost. He went on to say the only thing they can control is today, the last 10 games are finished and they cannot do anything about that, but they can do something about today. Bruce Chen is a guy that can come into a game and help you end a streak. The Royals have a good group of young kids and as soon as they find their rhythm, things will fall into place. Lately, the Royals feel like nothing is going their way; they get runners in scoring position and hit into a double play, they hit a line drive in the outfield and the outfielder falls and makes the play, they get strikes that could go either way and get called strike threes. Once they start winning games, it will turn. This team is convinced that they are the group to turn this around.

Even though the Royals love playing at home and love their fans, a change of scenery would not hurt since it has been a struggle here this homestand. Yost stated that it is important for the Royals to win this game tonight and then go get themselves right on the road and come back and play the way they are capable of playing.

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