KC Close Up: Chris Getz

Today on KC Close Up, we check in with infielder Chris Getz.  A native of Michigan, Chris attended Wake Forest University before transferring back home to the University of Michigan.  Chris was an All-Big Ten selection and a second-team All-America pick with the Wolverines.  A fourth-round pick of the White Sox in 2005, Getz joined the Royals in a trade on November 5, 2009.  Chris is a newlywed – he married Nicole on January 28.  Congrats!

ATH:  Our first question is…which Royals player would do best on the following TV shows:

1.  Jeopardy!: 

Getz:  I would!

2.  Amazing Race: (name either one teammate or a pair that would make a good team on the show)

Getz:  Jarrod Dyson…for his speed and wit.
3. American Idol

Getz:  Danny Duffy

4. The Apprentice

Getz:  Luke Hochevar

ATH:  Other than baseball, most memorable job/occupation you’ve had?

Getz: Babysitter




ATH:  Favorite player when you were growing up:

Getz:  Detroit Tigers shortstop Alan Trammell

ATH:  Besides Kauffman Stadium, what’s your favorite Major League stadium?

Getz:  Camden Yards (Chris is a .429 batter in Baltimore…9-for-21 in six games)

ATH:  If you could join a band/musical group (past or present), what group would you join and what would your role be (sing, guitar, drums, etc.)?

Getz:  I’d be a vocalist for Pearl Jam.

ATH:  The NCAA Tournament is coming up…do you have a team that you follow?
Getz:  Michigan

Yes, last night Getz’s alma mater knocked off the favorite college hoops team of this blogger and Illinois native.  Thanks to Chris for answering our questions!

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