Dayton Moore press conference notes

After wrapping up the 2011 season, Royals General Manager Dayton Moore expressed his thoughts in a press conference on Thursday. After several rookie call-ups throughout 2011, Moore couldn’t be happier with the organization’s decisions and the progression of each rookie. The Royals had 16 rookies play at the Major League level during the 2011 season.  The group of fresh faces included debuts by Nate Adcock, Louis Coleman, Tim Collins, Aaron Crow, Danny Duffy, Johnny Giavotella, Kelvin Herrera, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Salvador Perez, Manny Pina and Everett Teaford.  Moore explained that he was impressed with the overall approach the rookies developed at the Major League level and their efforts during the season. Most of the Major League debuts came earlier than anticipated.  Moore commented that the organization expected Moustakas and Duffy to appear in 2011 but reevaluated the development pace of other rookies after observing the team’s progress during Spring Training.

“Spring Training we began to refocus on the timetable, just how they adjusted into that setting,” Moore said. “They’re very comfortable, they’re very sure, they’re very confident leaders, just very poised people, and the way they handle that environment perhaps it can come a little quicker.”

Moore praised pitching coach Bob McClure for his passion and time with the Kansas City Royals. McClure has been released from the coaching staff after spending six seasons with the squad. The GM went on to say that McClure gave a tremendous amount of his talent and teachings to the team along with bench coach John Gibbons, who was released from the after three seasons.  Moore credited Gibbons for his outstanding knowledge of the game, but explained that the organization’s decision was based on a different approach in certain areas and a new voice amongst the coaching staff.

Ned [Yost] certainly has a vision for what he wants and he’s with the players every single day,” Moore said. “He knows what they need and we have to trust his opinion there and his judgment there and that’s what we’ll do.”

Moore touched on Royals 2011 First-Year Player Draft pick Bubba Starling and his underage drinking citation that occurred last Saturday in Tempe, Arizona. Moore had nothing but positive things to say about the incident and pointed out that it is a learning experience for Starling. The GM explained that everyone goes through life lessons and this is just one of those lessons that Starling will grow from.

“When things like that happen with our young players it’s the greatest teaching moment that we can have, we can’t recreate that,” Moore said. “Part of being a role model is how you handle mistakes.”

Moore looks forward to the 2012 season and the MLB All-Star Game set for July 10th at Kauffman Stadium.  He says that everyone will be working towards a better year, including the players, staff and coaches. Moore explains that the progress made in 2011 shows other teams just a glimpse of what the organization has in store and that everyone will have to work that much harder for steady improvement overall.

“The Kansas City Royals aren’t sneaking up on anyone next year,” Moore said. “It’s going to be a different challenge for us next year.”

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