Ned Yost media session: September 21

Editor’s Note:  ATH would like to recognize our interns, who compile the Ned Yost media sessions on a daily basis throughout the season.  This year, we had Sarah, Tyler and Colby.  All three did a great job for our department.  Tyler left midseason to take a job with our football friends across the parking lot.  Colby stepped in and picked things up right away, giving us two people named Colby in the department (which was fun and sometimes confusing)!

Before wrapping up the final homestand of the 2011 season with tonight’s 7:10 contest vs. the Detroit Tigers, Royals manager Ned Yost summed up the season saying that the team has come a long way since Opening Day.

“We wanted to improve our defense beginning of the year and we feel like we’ve done that to a great degree,” Yost said. “We wanted to get these young guys up here, we wanted to give them experience and we’ve done that.”

Yost went on to explain that his squad accomplished most of the goals set out for 2011 setting up  a bright future for the year ahead. With Yost’s previous managing experience with the Milwaukee Brewers and coaching experience with the Atlanta Braves, he comments that he has seen this scenario before and is not surprised by how well the rookies have adapted and the overall improvement of team.

“You set your plan, you’ve got your vision and you just keep moving forward with what you’ve got,” Yost said.

Yost expects to see more consistency for 2012 as well learning from this season’s mistakes. Not only was the season a learning experience for the rookies but a learning experience for the Royals skipper as well. Yost went on to praise his squad for keeping up their drive and energy despite starting September out of the pennant race.

“It’s a really unique group of guys,” Yost said. “This group has played fantastic the month of September without any motivation from me.”

With today’s call ups of right-handers Kelvin Herrera, Vin Mazzaro, Sean O’Sullivan, outfielders Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson, and catcher Manny Pina; the Royals will be looking to give playing time opportunities. Yost commented that in the next few days he would like to place Mazzaro in middle relief and look at possibilities for a starting pitcher such as Mazzaro or O’Sullivan for September 27in Minnesota. After concluding the home slate with tonight’s game, the Royals will set off for a six game road trip with a pair of three-game series vs. the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins to end the season.

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