Ned Yost media session: September 17

The Royals will send out left-hander Everett Teaford to the mound as they look to expand their winning streak to seven games tonight against the visiting White Sox.  The rookie is making his second Major League start after spending time in the bullpen throughout the year.  His only other start came last Sunday at Seattle, as Teaford tossed five shutout innings before exiting due to a limited pitch count.  His pitch count tonight will be bumped up to 85-90 pitches, Royals manager Ned Yost mentioned.

The key to Teaford’s success against the Mariners was to let his defense do the work for him. 

“He made those guys hit their smash line drives right at [Alcides] Escobar,” Yost joked. 

Yost said he hoped Teaford could be just as effective tonight at inducing batters to hit the ball right at Royals defenders, no matter how hard the balls were hit.

“An out is an out, and that’s what we’re looking for,” Yost said.

Teaford will not only start tonight against the White Sox, but will draw the start against them next weekend as well when the Royals visit Chicago for the final time in 2011.  Yost explained that facing the same team in back-to-back starts shouldn’t be a problem for Teaford as long as he is able to do a few simple things.

 “He [Teaford] is going to have to go out and throw his game,” Yost said.  “He needs to keep the ball down and he’ll be fine.”

As the Royals reward fans tonight for their tremendous support throughout the season with Fan Appreciation Night, Ned Yost wanted to show his gratitude to the fans, as well.

“We really appreciate our fans.  We thank them for their support,” Yost said.  “We appreciate everything they do for us.”

The Detroit Tigers celebrated their American League Central Division title after clinching it with a win last night, and Yost knows Royals fans and players alike are anxious to have their ball club reach those kinds of milestones.

Asked if he and the Royals players thought Kansas City could achieve that milestone in the next couple of years, Yost replied:

“Absolutely.  I said that last year.  I’m deeply convicted in that.  And I think so are they.”


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