Fun with numbers: Gordon’s 26 runs in August

 Alex Gordon scored 26 times in August, second in the Majors to New York’s Curtis Granderson, who recorded 29 runs.

Where does Gordon’s total rank in franchise history?  It was the 14th time in franchise history that a player scored 26 or more runs in a calendar month and the first since August, 2001.  The warm August weather seems to bring out the biggest totals for KC…eight of the 14 instances have been in the eighth month!  Gordon’s 26 runs would be the top mark if it had occurred in April, June or September.

Here’s the list of players who have scored 26+ runs, starting with Willie Wilson’s record of 34 from August, 1979:


Willie Wilson                                        August, 1979


Willie Wilson                                        July, 1980


Johnny Damon                                    August, 2000


George Brett                                        May, 1979

Willie Wilson                                        May, 1980


Kevin Seitzer                                        August, 1987   


George Brett                                        July, 1990       


George Brett                                        August, 1980   

Willie Wilson                                        August, 1982   

George Brett                                        August, 1985   

Wally Joyner                                        July, 1993       

Mike Sweeney                                     July, 1999       

Carlos Beltran                                      August, 2001   

Alex Gordon                                        August, 2011

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