KC Close Up: Louis Coleman talks about fishing, hunting and music

In this edition of “KC Close Up” our spotlight is on 25-year old right-handed reliever and Mississippi native, Louis Coleman.

Louis was born in Greenwood, Mississippi (http://greenwoodms.org/) located on the eastern edge of the Mississippi Delta with a population of about 15,000. He resides in nearby Schlater (population 388).  The right-hander attended high school at Pillow Academy in Greenwood and went on to attend Louisiana State University on a baseball scholarship, recording a 14-2 record his senior year with a 2.93 ERA and 142 strikeouts. Louis was awarded SEC Pitcher of the Year in 2009 and led LSU to the College World Series, where he was on the mound as the last out was recorded in the title game vs. Texas.

But we will let Louis tell you more about the Tigers’ feat and some other interesting facts that you might not know about the rookie reliever. Around the Horn would also like to include fellow left-handed reliever and Louis’ locker neighbor, Everett Teaford.  Everett took it upon himself to help answer some of Coleman’s questions during the interview.

ATH: We have a good guess, but what was your best memory while you were at LSU?

Coleman: Definitely winning the World Series and my first complete game shutout vs. Arkansas, so that’s high up on the list but that’s more of an individual thing instead of a team thing.

ATH: If you weren’t playing baseball, what occupation would you have and why?

Coleman: Professional hunter and fisher. It would be pretty laid back and a lot of fun, I really enjoy hunting.

ATH: What guy wouldn’t want to do that?!

Coleman: Exactly!

ATH: If you could see a collaboration of your favorite artists in concert, who would they be?

Garth Brooks with the Royals in 2004. Coleman, like Brooks before him, wore #77 in Spring Training. Louis now dons #46.

Coleman: Oh man… I like a lot of classic rock and country but Garth Brooks would definitely have to be there. Hhhmmm, I’m not really good with the names of artists, I don’t know their names I just know their songs. Bryan Adams, he could be there! He sings Summer of ’69 and I like that song a lot. Then Elton John, he could be there.  I like the old guys, like the 70s and 80s is what I grew up listening to because that’s what my Dad listens to, so a lot of classic rock.

ATH: What is your favorite downtime hobby?

Coleman: I really enjoy sleeping but hunting is definitely my favorite.

ATH: What kind of hunting?

Coleman: Deer and duck. I grew up on a rice and soybean farm so I was outside a lot.

ATH: What is your favorite quote and where or who is it from?

Coleman: Oh man, how am I supposed to answer that!

Teaford: Go for a Greg Holland quote!

Coleman: I know Muhammad Ali said “Impossible is nothing” and I kind of like that one.

ATH: If you had to be on any reality television show, which one would it be?

Coleman: Probably The Bachelor, I could definitely be on The Real World.

Teaford: What about Real Stay-At-Home Dads of New Orleans, or what about Swamp People!

Coleman: Swamp People, done! I’ll take Pap [Pappy Landry, Season One] with me, go hang out with Troy [Landry, Season One and Two].

ATH: So, do you think due to his great reactions on TV while you pitch, your dad is a bigger celebrity in the KC area than you are?

Coleman: I’ve definitely gotten a lot of questions about him and why he gets fired up. I’m just a middle reliever so he probably is more popular than I am.

ATH: Your first big league save came at Yankee Stadium and your first win was at Fenway Park…

Coleman: I’m going to get my first hit at Wrigley Field, it’s going to happen.

Teaford: Ha! Your first hit?! Pop it up into the sun!

Coleman: Yes, for the trifecta. My first hit at Wrigley Field!

ATH: We appreciate your readership and hope that you learned a little more about the Royals’ right-hander Louis Coleman with the help of his locker neighbor, Everett Teaford, in this edition of “KC Close Up”!

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Another former LSU standout is in Kansas City, but, not with the Chiefs. Royals pitcher, Louis Coleman.

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