Ned Yost media session: August 21

Before the Royals wrapped up their four-game series against the Boston Red Sox, manager Ned Yost discussed the effect a knuckleballer like Tim Wakefield would have on a hitter’s timing over the next few games.  Despite seeing a plethora of knuckleballs last night, which are much slower than the average Major League pitch, Yost doesn’t seem to think his players will have trouble adjusting back to normal speed. 

“It didn’t mess up our timing after he [Wakefield] got out of the game, so I don’t look for it to have any effect on us [today],” Yost said.

After today’s 1:10 matchup against Boston, the Royals hit the road for 17 of their next 20 games.  The road hasn’t been kind to the Royals so far this year, as they are just 19-39, compared to 33-36 at home.  Yost isn’t exactly sure of the reason for such a drastic split between their home and road records, but thinks it could have something to do with the bigger park at Kauffman Stadium.

“This park plays better for our pitching staff than a smaller park.  We’ve got more room to make mistakes with the young pitchers,” Yost said.  “This place allows us to run down more of those mistakes, where other parks aren’t so forgiving.”

Yost also said he believes some of his players are more than deserving of some accolades after the season. 

“I think he [Alex Gordon] and [Alcides] Escobar both should get Gold Glove consideration, and Frenchy [Jeff Francoeur] too,” Yost said.  “With what our outfielders have done defensively, and with what Escobar has done defensively, I think that those guys should be given a hard look for Gold Glove.”

Yost also praised Gordon for his base running, something the Royals have made a focal point.  Yost said the whole team has been better about understanding how to run the bases aggressively and take an extra base whenever an opportunity presents itself.

“We’ve done that a lot [taking the extra base] when outfielders have hesitated for just a second,” Yost said.  “We’re taking advantage of those situations, and Alex does it really, really well.”


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