Ned Yost media session: August 17

Before wrapping up a three game series with tonight’s 7:10 finale vs. the New York Yankees, Royals manager Ned Yost spoke with the media about his satisfaction with Royals 2011 first round pick Bubba Starling’s decision and the steady progress the Royals organization is making with their farm system as well as their talent at the big league level.

“It increases the talent in our organization, it increases the athleticism in our organization, it makes us a better organization quite frankly,” Yost said. “So we’re very excited that he’s [Starling] here and ready to start his career.”

Yost discussed yesterday’s starting pitcher Danny Duffy and his expectations for Duffy during the rest of the season. The Royals skipper is anticipating that the rookie left-hander completes a total of 150 innings pitched throughout the end of the season. So far Duffy has 125 innings under his belt (Triple-A and Majors) and Yost explained that the squad will wait to make a decision on Duffy’s performance once he reaches the 150 innings mark. Yost praised Duffy’s drive as an intense competitor and touched on balancing his emotions during the game.

“It’s very, very important because you come out of your game when you start to get overly excited, you start to let your emotions rage,” Yost said. “There’s a fine line there between being over emotional and under emotional and he [Duffy] is working on that line.”

Yost explained the importance of realizing that baseball, especially on the Major League level, is a production-based job and that players tend to have a sense of urgency when it comes to delivering offensively and defensively. The Royals manager praised the organization for its elite farm system but reiterated that his young squad needs time and patience to grow and develop.

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