Royals’ Francoeur: ESPN Sports Science Play-of-the-Week

Here’s something cool from ESPN:

The ESPN Sports Science Play-of-the-Week is the Kansas City Royals Jeff Francoeur tossing out Detroit’s Jhonny Peralta at third base with a stunning throw from right field.  This piece will run within various ESPN Major League Baseball and SportsCenter programming.  


“From his 20-foot lead off first, Peralta motors roughly 170 feet to third in 6.3 seconds, averaging more than 18 miles per hour,” says ESPN Sports Science host John Brenkus. “In most circumstances this would ensure him safe at third. But Francoeur doesn’t hit the cut-off man or bounce the ball in, instead throwing a perfect strike to Mike Moustakas.” 

Brenkus notes, “The ball leaves Francoeur’s hand at almost 95 miles per hour, more than four miles an hour faster than the average Major League fastball. And while most pitches travel roughly 55 feet from the pitcher’s release point to the batter, Francoeur’s strike flies 242 feet – about four-and-a-half times farther.”

The ESPN Sport Science lab puts the throw’s accuracy into this perspective: “If a pitcher’s release angle is off by a single degree, his pitch will be less than a foot off target, and possibly still be in the strike zone. If Francoeur’s throw had been off by just one degree, the ball would have been more than four feet off target.”


To view the video, click:



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