KC Close Up: Aaron Crow on the Chiefs, Border Wars and the rookie bullpen backpack

With the 2012 MLB All-Star Game official logo unveiling on taking place last Tuesday, KC’s Around the Horn turned to 2011 Royals All-Star pitcher Aaron Crow for a “KC Close Up” 101 on his experience during the MLB All-Star game in Phoenix this year and some interesting facts that you might not know about the 24-year-old rookie.

Aaron was born in Topeka, Kansas, the capital city of the state and roughly 70 miles from Kauffman Stadium. The right-handed reliever attended Washburn Rural High School and went on to attend the University of Missouri where he became the Friday night starter for Tigers Baseball in 2007 pitching 117.2 innings, the second most in the Big 12 and ranking fourth all-time in MU history. Aaron, after being picked by Washington in the 2008 draft, was selected by the Kansas City Royals in the first round of the 2009 MLB Draft, the 12th pick overall.

Since making his Major League debut with the Royals this past Opening Day, March 31, the rookie has a 1.93 ERA, tossing 51.1 innings with 49 strikeouts. Let’s find out a little more about our KC “Close Up” subject.

ATH: So, let’s start with the important question, why did you shave your beard recently?

Crow: It was too hot. I really didn’t like it anymore and I was tired of it, ready for a new look.

ATH: Besides baseball, what is your favorite sport? And what’s your favorite team from that sport?

Crow: Football and the Chiefs. I grew up in Topeka and have always been a huge Chiefs fan! When I was growing up I loved the Chiefs ten times more than anybody else.  Always been a huge Chiefs fan, it’s nice that they’re doing well now.

ATH: Did you go to the playoff game at Arrowhead last season?

Crow: I did! It was freezing, I had like two pairs of pants, seven jackets, two pairs of gloves on… the first half wasn’t that cold just because it was a close game but during the second half when we we’re getting blown out, I was miserable.

ATH: Even though you went to MU, you grew up in Topeka so you root for KU basketball, right?

Crow: Who told you to ask that… well… sometimes. When they’re playing I want them to do well just because I am a big fan of Bill Self and I liked them when I was a kid but if they’re ever playing Mizzou, I want Mizzou to win. I don’t root against them (KU) if they’re doing well in the tournament but I’d rather them win than say Duke or North Carolina.

ATH: Is there anything really interesting in the rookie bullpen backpack and how do you guys decide who wears it each day?

Crow: It’s just whoever wants to carry it. Nate’s [Adcock] been carrying it lately and Coleman [Louis Coleman] had it for the big chunk of the year and I had it at the beginning but I think Nate’s had it for the past two or three weeks. All there really is in there is Advil and Redbull. At the beginning of the year, when it was cold we had hand warmers in there but really other than Redbull and Advil there’s nothing really in there.

ATH: It’s a rumor that the food at the All-Star Game can be pretty amazing, what was the best dish?

Crow: After the game we had lobster tails, steak, mashed potatoes, it was all really good but probably the best thing was the lobster tails.

ATH: What was your favorite part of the All-Star Game?

Crow: Probably the Home Run Derby. If I would have gotten to play in the game that would have been by far the best part but just being there for the Home Run Derby and watching. I was on the field for pretty much the whole first round and just seeing that and seeing how far those guys were hitting the ball. Being able to sit there and record it, you watch guys on TV that have cameras and I always thought “That’s stupid, why would you want to do that” but now I got the chance to do it and I wanted to remember it. Just being on the field I had my phone out and recording some of the guys hitting, it was a lot of fun.

ATH: So if we turned on your DVR, which shows would we find recorded?

Crow: Entourage, The Office, and this show on HBO called the Game of Thrones. Modern Family too. I love those shows.

ATH: We appreciate your readership and hope that you learned a little more about the Royals’ right-hander in this edition of “KC Close Up”!

Crow: Wait?! How come Nate [Adcock] got the question about if you wanted to travel anywhere in the world where would it be? I had a great answer for that…

ATH: Well, where would you want to go?

Crow: Ibiza! For all the techno music and glow sticks!


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