Ned Yost media session: August 6

Prior to tonight’s 6:10 contest vs the Detroit Tigers, Royals manager Ned Yost talked about the difficulties the Royals squad will face when they go up against the Detroit Tigers starting right-hander Justin Verlander.  The 28-year-old ace enters his start this evening with a 15-5 record, and is third in the American League with a 2.24 ERA.

“You get his [Verlander] pitch count up and get him out of the game, and hope that you can get the bullpen,” Yost said. “Or if he makes a mistake, don’t miss it.  But he’s got very, very good stuff.”

Yost has confidence in his squad and his starting left-hander, Danny Duffy, to match up well against Verlander.  Duffy looks to build on his past three starts, in which he has two wins and a no decision.  Yost knows Duffy has a difficult task ahead, but that he is more than capable of beating the four-time All-Star.

“You go into it knowing that if you give up 2 or 3 runs, the odds of you and your team winning the ballgame are probably not going to be that great. You’ve got to go out and throw a good ballgame,” Yost said.  “You’ve got to match him [Verlander].  And on a given day, you can do that.”

The Royals skipper praised his bullpen for their versatility and ability to switch roles in the late innings of a game.  They will more than likely play a key role if the Royals are going to win the last two games of the set and continue their unbeaten series streak.  The club is 4-0 in their last five sets with one series split.

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