CrownVision staff takes top honors at industry conference

The CrownVision staff earned these Golden Matrix Awards!

If you’ve been to a game at Kauffman Stadium, you’ve seen the videos and entertainment features on CrownVision.  The Event Presentation & Production team works countless hours throughout the year to produce these features, and this week, they were recognized with several top honors!

Kansas City hosted the Information and Entertainment Association (IDEA) Conference, which brought together approximately 300 people from the large-screen, event and in-game entertainment/presentation industry across MLB, NFL, NBA, NFL, colleges and universities, and minor league organizations.

The push to bring this year’s event to Kansas City started several years ago.  Chris DeRuyscher, the Director of Event Presentation & Production for the Royals, was instrumental in helping to bring the four-day conference to town.

On Wednesday, the Royals received a Golden Matrix Award for Best Show Open (the equivalent of an Oscar in the video board field).  The awards didn’t stop there as the evening’s program progressed…the CrownVision team won Best Video Display/Baseball (they had finished second in each of the previous three years).   At the end of the night, the team won Best Overall Video Display for all of professional sports!

The Hot Dog Derby, a fan favorite, on CrownVision.

DeRuyscher was honored with the President’s Award, which honors an individual whose contributions have made a significant positive impact on IDEA. 

Congratulations to the entire Event Presentation & Production team!  The staff includes Don Costante (Senior Director), DeRuyscher, Ben Mertens (Manager – Event Presentation & Production), Megan Wellborn (Manager – Event Presentation), Todd Kinsey (Coordinator – Production), Katie Orf (Assistant – Event Presentation & Production), Russ Gardner (Audio/Visual Engineer) and the CrownVision gameday team.

Click the following link to learn more about CrownVision Productions:

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