Ned Yost media session: July 9

Heading into Saturday’s 6:10 game three against the Detroit Tigers, Royals manager Ned Yost said he would like to see starter Luke Hochevar throw a lot of strikes and avoid giving the opposition a big inning that has overshadowed recent strong starts.

“It’s always like one inning that he gets in trouble, but he’s working through that,” Yost said. “He knows it and he’s trying to find ways to deter it.”

Yost also praised his young club for their ability to bounce back from close losses. The Royals are 19-29 in games decided by two runs or less.

“I’ve been very impressed with the way that our kids continue to deal with tough losses,” Yost described. “These kids have the ability to feel it and wear it, but when they come through the clubhouse door the next day, they push it off and they’re ready to go again.”

KC’s skipper pointed out that losing can have a domino effect and that his young team has shown resilience to avoid letting a carryover take place.

“That’s good because when losses pile up, they can lead to more losses if you let them,” Yost explained. “These kids have done a really, really good job of not letting that happen.”

Wilson Betemit will start at third base on Saturday night in a spot start that Yost had already planned before Betemit entered Friday’s game following Chris Getz’s ejection at the end of the fourth inning. 

“Last night was a good opportunity to get Wilson at-bats, and then [tonight will] give him back-to-back days with some at-bats,” Yost said. “It’s hard to trying to do what he’s doing – keep his timing, staying sharp – when you’re playing once every 10 days.”

Yost said that regular third basemen Mike Moustakas will return to the starting lineup on Sunday. He noted that his rookie might benefit from a night off to get a mental break, and that he wants Moustakas facing off against Detroit ace Justin Verlander in the series finale.


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