Ned Yost media session: July 8

Before Friday’s 7:10 second game of a four-game set against an American League Central foe in the Detroit Tigers, Royals manager Ned Yost spoke about the process involved with handling young players through a transition year. He identified the long-term goal of the franchise and noted that his young players were improving each week.

“We’re getting more experienced day-by-day. We’re headed in the right direction in a lot of areas,” Yost said. “Our bullpen is markedly improved, we’re still trying to develop starting pitching all throughout the organization and I think we’ve got the nucleus of a good offense.”

Yost described that he and General Manager Dayton Moore agree that the best way to reach championship caliber occurs by putting together a roster of mostly drafted talent and bringing those athletes through a strong minor league system. Kansas City currently boasts seven former first-round picks on the 25-man active roster.

“That was Dayton’s plan from the minute that he got here – a team full of home-grown players,” Yost explained. “He’s stayed true to that.”

With that plan in place, Yost outlined the type of club the Royals need to be to contend for years to come.

“You have to do it with speed and defense. I think you have to do it with starting pitching,” Yost stated. “Dayton, the scouting department and our player development people have worked very hard in all of those aspects to try to get us to where we can compete every day.”


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