Ned Yost media session: June 26

Before wrapping up a three game series with today’s 1:10 contest vs. the Chicago Cubs, Royals manager Ned Yost praised his outfielders for their defensive performance so far this season.

“They’re gifted with tremendous arm strength, they’re all gifted with a relatively short release, and they’re all gifted with accuracy in their throws,” Yost said.

To maintain arm strength and skill, Yost explained that his outfielders and catchers will practice outfield assists every third day and at least once a series. Yost mentioned left fielder Alex Gordon, explaining that converting the once infielder to an outfielder role gives Gordon the advantage when fielding the ball.

“But Alex [Gordon] has got a good, true, strong throw with a very short release and that helps him in all cases,” Yost said.

Right handed starter Luke Hochevar will be taking the mound today vs. the Chicago Cubs right hander Randy Wells. The Royals skipper is confident in finding consistency between Hochevar’s windup and the stretch, explaining that ironing some of the mechanics out will improve Hochevar’s performance late in the game. The Royals squad will be hitting the road to continue Interleague play vs. the San Diego Padres with tomorrow’s 9:05 (CT) contest.

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