Mike Moustakas meets with the media before his first home game in the Major Leagues

Before Tuesday’s 7:10 home opener vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks, third baseman Mike Moustakas sat down with theKansas City media as a big league player for the first time to share his excitement for his impending first Major League game at Kauffman Stadium. The rookie infielder spoke about his adjustment to the Major League lifestyle and praised his fellow teammates for making the transition easier.

“Being able to come up in this organization with this group of guys has just been unreal, comfortable, and just amazing,” Moustakas said.

Since his call up from Triple-A Omaha, Moustakas has appeared in eight Major League games with the Royals during the past road trip. The rookie raved about the opportunity to start off the trip playing in front of his family and friends in Southern California and now finally being able to come home and play inKansas City. Moustakas spoke about the advantages of Triple-A Omaha and credited his coaches for helping him make it to the Major Leagues.

“In Triple-A you face guys that have been in the big leagues for awhile… it really helps you out, getting that big league pitching and those at-bats against guys that have had maybe two or three years in the league… being able to play against those guys and learn from them is a part of the whole learning experience that helps you out as a player,” Moustakas said.

Moustakas praised his Triple-A Omaha hitting coach, Tommy Gregg, for his progress against left-handed pitchers. The third baseman shared that Gregg put in countless hours with him improving his swing and focusing on staying through the middle when facing left-handers. As for the future, Moustakas mentioned that he and fellow teammate Eric Hosmer look forward to bringing home a championship someday for the Kansas City Royals but for now the two of them focus on today and winning ballgames for their squad.

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