Ned Yost reflects on Memorial Day

Before beginning an 11-game homestand beginning with Monday’s 3:10 first pitch against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Royals manager Ned Yost reflected about the importance of Memorial Day and his appreciation for the work of men and women in the military.


“I always try to make a point during the National Anthem to remember [the military],” Yost said. “I am thankful for their service and what they provide for us. It’s a day that we can stop as a nation and keep them in our thoughts.”


Yost also elaborated about recent plays at home plate involving contact between a runner and catcher. A former catcher himself, Yost said he hasn’t given much thought to whether the rule needs to be examined.


“[Catcher] is the only position on the field that you can make contact with legally, but that’s always been the job description,” Yost said. “That’s always the way the game has been played.”


The skipper noted that newly-acquired right-hander Felipe Paulino will get a shot in the starting rotation because he features three above-average pitches that were on display during his Royals debut Friday at Texas.


“His fastball got up to 98 miles an hour, [he] had a good, heavy two-seamer at 94, had a very sharp breaking slider, and threw some good changeups,” Yost said. “If he throws strikes like he did the other night, this kid can have some success. So, let’s find out.” 





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