T-Shirt Tuesday lineup

Tonight is T-Shirt Tuesday!  The first 10,000 fans for the 7:10 start vs. Cleveland will receive an exclusive powder blue KC T-shirt presented by Teva Neuroscience.

Let’s take a look at the lineup:

(Aviles – 2B), (Cabrera – CF), (Gordon – LF), (Butler – DH), (Francoeur – RF), (Hosmer – 1B), (Betemit – 3B), (Treanor – C), (Escobar – SS), (O’Sullivan – P)

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Was really disappointed to show up at 6:30 and not be able to receive a t-shirt, as that is the reason I went. I even bought a ticket early via online, to pick up at will call. When I arrived, there were still shirts left, but due to only about half the lines being staffed at the 3rd base gate, I had to walk around to behind home plate, where I also had to wait due to insufficient staffing, but the line was shorter. By the time the guy in front of me was done negotiating, I finally was able to get my card swiped, get my preordered ticket. Unfortunately, by the time I reached the gate, they had just run out of shirts, and though I tried all four gates, they were all out too.

This used to not be a problem when you had the standard 20,000 available. As someone who enjoys collecting the t-shirts, it was disappointing, to say the least. It would be one thing if I showed up at 7:10 or something, but I showed up at 6:30.

Finally, when I was in the stadium a Royals staff guy was carrying around a load of about 100 shirts on his back, and a couple fans who also were in my boat asked him for a shirt, and he declined. Not sure why as I couldn’t hear the conversation.

Oh, well.

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