Ned Yost media session: May 8

Before wrapping up the three game series vs. the Oakland Athletics with today’s 1:10 game at Kauffman Stadium, Royals manager Ned Yost discussed with the media a few lineup changes and what to expect from today’s starting lefty, Jeff Francis. Yost commented that Billy Butler’s off-day in the lineup will give him time to relax and rest up since he has been struggling with his at-bats a bit.

“It’s a good time to take a day off…we’ve got an off day tomorrow so it gives us the benefit of two days,” Yost said.

When asked a question regarding the rare “steal of home” play, Yost replied by saying it depends on the situation. Timing is a factor for the Royals skipper as well as having all the right ingredients to execute the play with a slow wind-up pitcher and a speedy base runner.

The manager raved about Jarrod Dyson’s speed and instincts when it comes to running the bases and stealing. Dyson scored the game-winning run last night in the ninth.

“He [Dyson] has tremendous instincts, as good of base running instincts of any player I’ve ever been around…he does it on skill, he does it on courage, a lot of things that add up for him to be a dangerous  weapon,” Yost said.

Jeff Francis will start on the mound for KC today with 0-3 record thus far in the season along with four no decisions. The Royals manager acknowledges that Francis has struggled a bit on location but expects Francis to keep the ball down and change speeds today. Jeff enters today’s game eighth in the league in fewest walks per 9-innings at 1.82 and tied for fifth in fewest walks per batter faced at .045.

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I love the site. A lot of great information and interviews. I had a comment on todays line-up. I agree with the day off for Butler. Great idea for a couple days rest. But why is Mike Aviles sitting? The kid has proven himself as an everyday starter. He did it in his rookie season. He did it last season when he came back from his injury. He’s got a hot stick going. 8 RBI’s in May already. Why take a guy out that is producing runs?

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