Ned Yost media session: April 19

Before Tuesday night’s 7:10 game against the Cleveland Indians at Kauffman Stadium, Royals manager Ned Yost was unaffected by the weather conditions and touched on Kila Ka’aihue’s new spot in the Royals lineup. Despite the cold wind and misty weather environment, it’s just another day of playing baseball for Yost and the Royals squad. Turning on the heat in the bullpen and making sure the team is warmed up for tonight’s game are just a few of the adjustments the Royals are making to accommodate against the April chill.

When asked a question regarding Kila Ka’aihue moving down to the seventh spot in the Royal’s lineup, Yost replied by saying that the first baseman has simply been struggling. Kila has had decent at-bats and at times opposing pitchers make tough pitches on him but Yost wants to keep Kila in the lineup to provide him with opportunities to get him out of his hitting slump and get his bat going. The Royals skipper complimented Kila’s hard-working ethic and trusting his ability to do well. When it comes to the lineup, Yost’s strategy for the four-game series against the Indians has Kila sitting out for tomorrow night’s 7:10 game, but if he plays well tonight, the manager may put him right back in the lineup.

Starting lefty Bruce Chen will be taking the mound tonight against Indians’ right-hander Jeanmar Gomez. Chen’s skills to keep the ball down, change speeds, and disrupt opposing hitters are all factors to his success thus far in the season.  Yost notes that the indication of a good pitcher is to make adjustments to the weather and play with the elements, which we will expect to see in tonight’s game.

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