Ned Yost media session: April 16

Before Saturday’s 12:10 game vs. the Seattle Mariners at Kauffman Stadium, Royals manager Ned Yost shared with the media his appreciation for his players and the discipline it takes to develop skills for improved hitting and offense. Yost complimented Billy Butler and his increased admiration for the designated hitter. Butler has shown great plate discipline, two-strike approach, knowledge of the opposing pitchers, having a plan every time he approaches the plate, and executing that plan.

Discipline, for Yost, is the main ingredient for his players to develop a better approach. He commented that discipline isn’t always easy but it’s what creates success during the game. By observing the Royals squad with a win in five of the last six games and 9-4 record on the season so far, it’s easy to see that the team has focused on a better hitting approac, looking for the right pitch and preparing to hit that right pitch in the right area. Yost remarks that the excitement of the game can get to a player, but the mark of a good hitter is making the adjustment and knowing when to swing.

On the defensive side, the Royals skipper also complimented players such as Melky Cabrera, Jeff Francoeur, Mitch Maier, and Jarrod Dyson for the versatility to play several positions on the field. As the Royals face the Seattle Mariners this afternoon for game three of the four game series, we will continue to see that discipline and versatility put into play.

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