Ballpark Blueprint: .390 Bar and Grill

We continue our look at new ballpark features and promotions today with .390 Bar and Grill.  The Stadium Club, once a membership-only dining space, is now open to the public as the new and improved .390 Bar and Grill.  The new name salutes George Brett’s 1980 season in which he batted .390, still the highest mark for a full season since Ted Williams hit .401 in 1941.  Enjoy dinner with friends or drinks at the bar in a climate controlled environment while watching all of the action on the field.  Located on the Loge Level of The K along the third base line, the .390 Bar & Grill is accessible via the Diamond Club lobby elevators. The new and improved menu includes starters, soups/salads, burgers, sandwiches and entrees for great, affordable prices.  The .390 Bar and Grill is the place to be on game days!  

Features of the .390 Bar & Grill:

–          65- inch HD TVs throughout the restaurant

–          An affordable menu with an array of options ranging from $6- $28. 

–          A renovated bar

–          Spectacular views of the game through floor to ceiling windows

–          The.390 Bar and Grill opens at game time with the bar remaining open until one hour after the game has ended (at the manager’s discretion).

As a Royals Season Ticket Holder there is an opportunity to become a member of the .390 Bar and Grill for $325 per Season Ticket account  

Benefits include:

–          Fourteen- day advanced reservations for .390 Bar and Grill Members which gives the best available dinning locations with advanced reservation system. 

–          Two seating times available

–          15% discount on all adult beverages while dining or at the bar for you and your guests!

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390 Bar & Grill
For my husband’s birthday our daughter’s friend encourages us to have dinner at the 390 Bar and Grill located in Kauffman Stadium. We are told that the restaurant opens 2 hours before game time. We arrive at the stadium at 4:55 only to be told that the gates to the stadium/restaurant do not open until 5:30, so we grabbed a rock and waited….. 5:30 we were let in and made the trek around the concourse to the 3rd base side where we were told the restaurant doesn’t open until 6….. Needless to say at 6 we were one of the first ones in. The bartender points us the way thru the bar, thru the restaurant, to the woman taking names. That woman informs us that alllll the tables in the restaurant are reserved but that we could walk back thru the restaurant, thru the bar, and the same bartender would take our dinner order and we could sit in the bar area. Desperate for the experience we decide to see it through. We order dinner from a taxed and unprepared bartender,,, at the bar, she nor a waitress come to you. We order immediately, a classic burger no cheese and fries for my husband with a bottle of beer, Caesar salad no chicken and a draft beer for me, $38.00.
Then we wait……………………………………….
I would say that the restaurant is on the 3rd level, if you are sitting at one of the reserved tables your view is probably much better since you are sitting up against the glass, trying to best describe it…the bar/lounge sits at the back of the restaurant. From the bar your view is obscured by large beams that run between the glass. The restaurant/bar is located in left field and so is the Royals bullpen, so we completely enjoyed watching Perez and Chen warm-up before the game while we drink our beer and waited for dinner.
We’re still waiting at 6:35, when a restaurant employee comes over and apologizes for our wait and ensures us that it will only be another few minutes………….we wait some more……………..National Anthem………still waiting………..Now I go over to the same restaurant employee, who looks at me like he has never seen me before and remind him about our dinner, 10 minutes later we receive an excuse but still no dinner, 10 minutes after that we receive the wrong dinner, a Caesar salad with chicken and a cheeseburger, I sent my salad back but my starving husband refuses to send back his cheeseburger, and eats as fast as any human can. Yep the burger was good, the fries were eh and I never did get my salad. The manager refunded our 38.00 bucks. We hurried out stopping along the way to get a Brat. We finally made it down to our front row seats behind the dugout by the 4th inning. I ate my brat, drank a beer, and totally enjoyed myself.
Be aware that the day to day hours of operation are very unclear, whether you are checking their Facebook , their website, or relying on an employee. Of course you can try to call the restaurant like I did……and leave a message???? HA
Reservations come on a good luck basis, and Allll those reserved tables were still empty at the 4th inning when we left!

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