Around the World with ATH: Morocco, South Africa and Israel

Here's Jodee wearing one of her favorite Royals shirts while on a camel ride in the Sahara near Merzouga, Morocco.

We continue to hear from fans all over the world…let’s meet some more Royals fans!

From Jodee in Morocco:  “I’m an avid Royals fan, currently living in Casablanca, Morocco – Northwest Africa. I visit the Royals website regularly, and just stumbled upon the ‘Around the Horn in KC’ page featuring the couple who is living in South Africa.

Jodee recently completed a half-marathon in Marrakesh, Morocco and was wearing her Royals hat while displaying her medal!

I moved here to Casablanca this past August, as I am teaching internationally at the Casablanca American School. I’ll be here for another year and a half, but will be heading back to the Midwest and Kansas City in June for summer break. I can’t WAIT to get out to the K for some games while I’m back.  I’ve been a Royals fan since 1980, when George Brett became my hero as I watched him flirt with .400.  I grew up in Iowa, and used to listen to the Royals on the radio when I was a kid. Moving to Kansas City in

Jodee's family visited from they are on a camel caravan!

2000 made it much easier to watch my ‘Boys in Blue’. Through thick and (very) thin, I’ve remained a loyal fan. I truly LOVE my Royals. 

I will keep up with the Royals this year via the internet (7:05 games will start at midnight here), and possibly recording games via my Slingbox.

Go Royals!!”



From Josh in Israel:  “I recently moved to Israel where I visited Kibbutz Gezer (Kansas City’s sister city and kibbutz) in the fabulous land of Israel. A la Field of Dreams, out in the middle of nowhere, George Toma (former Royals groundskeeper) designed a state of the art baseball field. There are several signs on the field connecting the Kansas City and Israeli communities, including George Toma’s name.  I am standing next to Naftali Schwartz, Yoni Schwartz, & Akiva Schwartz who all grew up in Kansas City, but relocated to Israel 10 years ago. Naftali, just recently finished his Army duty. We are happy to have him back. All of us listen and watch Denny and Ryan all the way in the Middle-East.

Go Royals!

And from Michael, who works seasonally at Kauffman Stadium:  My name is Michael Ward and I’m a seasonal worker with the Royals and originally from South Africa. I read the blog on South Africa with pride and great interest.

This is my second year with the Royals and work in Special Events. In December 2010 I was invited to attend a sporting awards function in Cape Town hosted by the Minister of Sport in the Western Cape Government in South Africa. The awards function is to honor sportsman for service rendered to their sporting communities over the last 40 years…baseball had not received or been recognized before and was included for the first time. I was honored to receive the prestigious honor and highest award of “Baseball Legend” with four other baseball players.

My first introduction to baseball was as a spectator in 1958 at the age of 8. I started Battswood Baseball Club in 1968 with other soccer players and still an active playing member. Unification of baseball took place in 1992. I represented the National body as technical Director for all tournaments held in South Africa and later serviced as National Coaching Director and  privileged to manage the first unified team on a goodwill tour of Europe in 1992 and technical advisor to the Olympic bid committee in 1996. I had the honor of meeting the great Japanese home run king Mr. Oh at the Barcelona Olympics. I met with the architects of the Olympic Stadiums in Barcelona and initiated a project with the University of Cape Town on stadium for baseball in Cape Town as my interest and vocation were construction and project management.

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