Around the World with ATH in KC: A tour to the east and a trip to the Mile High City

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures this week! 

First up, we meet Maria and her family from Pennsylvania.  This family loves to see the Royals!  Each year, they try to see a series in a different city and they’ve been to Baltimore, Washington, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.DC.JPG















Royals vs Rockies.JPG

Next is Maggie…originally from Kansas City, she now lives in Denver, where she met John, who is the “biggest Rockies fan ever”.  Maggie and John go every Rockies vs. Royals game, no matter where it’s at…so expect to see them at Coors Field on July 1, 2 and 3!  It’s a “bragging rights” relationship as they give one another a rough time, depending on the outcome.  For instance, John received the broom treatment from local Royals fans in 2008.

Rockies vs Royals w.Sluggerrr.jpg
Royals sweep Rockies.jpg


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Nice to see Maria and her boys get the recognition. They go to a ton of Royals road games every year, more than just one series, especially in Baltimore. The kids have their pictures with players and autographs their friends can’t even begin to dream about. I think it is cool!

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