Around the World with ATH in KC: Time for a road trip!

We’ve heard from fans near and far…today we’ll meet fans from Alabama, Washington, Texas and Wyoming:

100_2227.JPGJoseph and Kristie are from Gadsden, Alabama.  Joseph is a big fan of the Royals but he hasn’t had the chance to visit Kauffman Stadium.  He was thrilled when he learned that the Royals would play in Atlanta in 2010.  This picture is from their first Royals game on June 19, 2010 at Turner Field.  We hope you can make it to Kansas City soon!




Abigail recently moved to the Seattle-Tacoma area (look for her at Safeco when the Boys in Blue visit September 8-11).  Her Dad took her to her first Royals game in 1993 and she saw George Brett tie the game with a home run.  Her room is decorated with autographed memorabilia, World Series souvenirs, bobbleheads and baseball cards. 


Next is Jason with his son Jeff and daughter Elyse.  The family from Round Rock, Texas recently took in a game while visiting family in Kansas City.  They also watch the Royals when the team is in Texas to play the Rangers.  Jason, born in Kansas City, remembers watching the 1976 ALCS when he was a resident of Roswell, New Mexico.  In 1985, he lived in Midland, Texas.  He discovered that he could pick up the Royals Radio Network affiliate from distant Coffeyville, Kansas after 9 p.m.  We’ve researched this and that’s 506 miles as the crow flies!  Jason says that Denny Matthews sounded great through the heavy static as he listened to his beloved Royals. 

Finally, we heard from Matt in Laramie, Wyoming, who didn’t have a picture to send.  The lifelong Royals fan remembers baseball trips to Kansas City as his favorite vacations.  He’s been away from the area for some time – though he keeps up on radio from Wyoming.  He spent some time in Louisville, Kentucky, where he cheered on the Triple-A Omaha club from behind the visiting dugout.

Thanks to these great fans who cheer on the Royals while living hundreds of miles from Kansas City!

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