Ned Yost media session: The Final Chapter

(Editor’s note:  Thank you to our intern, Hillary, who compiled a majority of the media sessions this season.  Nice job!)

Yost said it never even crossed his mind last spring training that he would be managing the Royals at this point in time. He said he just came in trying to help the club any way possible. Ever since he was hired by Kansas City, all his thoughts have centered on how to make the Royals into champions.

Yost also reflected on his experiences working with his coaching staff, saying he’s usually hard on coaches, but he sincerely believes all the men have done a great job and he’s very pleased. His number one criterion for coaches is that they want to make players better everyday. Yost also believes it’s important that they develop relationships and trust with members of the team. In particular, Yost has seen this demonstrated by Eddie Rodriguez and his work with Yuniesky Betancourt. Yost also thinks Bob McClure has done a good job with the pitchers and believes the coach has everything it takes to get guys to the next level.

While Yost looks for all of his staff to return next season, he will have to replace Rusty Kuntz at first base who has taken his original 2010 position as an advisor and roving instructor. The manager said he is intent on finding a coach who focuses on base running. Yost thinks base running is an overlooked art, but is an aspect of the sport that wins a lot of games and makes a big difference.

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