Ned Yost media session: September 19

Catching up on Kendall

According to Yost, Jason Kendall is doing pretty well after having extensive shoulder surgery. He is currently still locked up in a sling and recently returned from a doctor’s visit in California where he performed minor rehab exercises. Yost believes the catcher is on schedule and may even be a bit ahead.

Pena’s positives and negatives

One goal of Yost’s in the past few weeks has been to look at new guys, but he also wants to achieve the main objective of winning games. Consequently, Yost has had to alter his plan of splitting playing time between Brayan Pena and Lucas May because he admits it has been difficult to take Pena’s hot bat out of the lineup. Yost added that he thinks Pena’s offensive performance has been good, but his defensive performance has been mixed. He thinks Pena needs to get in better shape and improve his agility behind the plate in order to become an everyday catcher. Yost also said his number one priority when it comes to catchers is finding someone who can catch the ball, throw guys out, block balls in the dirt, and call a good game–hitting takes a back seat.

Making progress

Chris Getz passed his first stage of tests yesterday, which included trials on the treadmill and elliptical, and he is expected to move to the second stage, which consists of running outside. If all goes well, Yost said Getz will play in the next day or so.


Starting pitcher Luke Hochevar will throw without restrictions in today’s game. The manager anticipates Hoch tossing somewhere between 90-100 pitches.

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