Pat White talks football with the media, though he is ready for baseball

A few of the early questions in today’s conference call with Pat White regarded his football career and his former coach, Rich Rodriguez, who is now at the University of Michigan.  White answered those questions, though the 24-year old is eager to embark on his new journey as a professional baseball player.  He’s had the opportunity to play baseball before – White was drafted by the Angels out of high school in the fourth round in 2004.  He instead opted to play football for Rodriguez at West Virginia University.  White wanted to attend college at the time and didn’t know if he was ready to be on his own as a professional athlete.

It has now been six years since White put on a baseball uniform.  Scouts kept track of White and he didn’t forget about baseball.  He was selected three more times in the baseball draft – by the Angels in 2007, the Reds in 2008 and by the Yankees in 2009.

White kept in touch with the game by going to the batting cages and playing catch.  Recently, he has taken cuts with a local college team in Miami.  He will soon embark for the Arizona Instructional League, where he sees himself as an outfielder. 

Reporters asked White if he would take the Bo Jackson approach and play both football and baseball.  The fellow Alabaman downplayed the notion, simply saying that Bo is on another level.

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