Ned Yost media session: June 28

The competition

Although Yost is quite aware that Chicago is playing excellent baseball and has won 11 of its last 12 games, he said he doesn’t view any team as more or less of a challenge. He added that the Royals think they’re playing pretty good as well, so tonight’s contest should just be a chance to compete against a hot team. 

The pen

The bullpen is continuing to do a nice job without suffering any major setbacks. Yost believes the success is in large part due to the relievers knowing their roles and knowing at what point they may enter the game, which helps them get mentally prepared. Since Yost has taken over as manager, relievers have thrown off a mound every day instead of just playing catch or throwing off flat ground. Yost believes making the change was a no-brainer because the pitchers can now practice their craft everyday and work on their mechanics and control in a game-like situation. He believes Robinson Tejeda’s success is a prime example of the positive results the change was meant to yield. Yost added that the players don’t overexert themselves, but rather just get loose for the game.

The starters

Yost likes what he sees when it comes to Anthony Lerew’s ability to command his changeup and keep hitters off balance. He also likes Lerew’s ability to go deep into games and keep the team in contests.

For tonight’s game, Yost is expecting Mark Buehrle to not mess around and come right at hitters. Yost said Buehrle is a true pitcher who has a great tempo and allows his teammates to work by not trying to strike every batter out. Yost believes the key for the Royals is to be patiently aggressive, meaning he wants players to wait for their pitch and jump all over it when it comes. Also, he wants his players to maintain their own rhythm rather than letting the speedy Buehrle dictate it for them.

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