Ned Yost media session: June 27

The word on Bruce

Yost believes today’s starting pitcher Bruce Chen has done a nice job in 2010 thus far. Chen’s secret to success hasn’t just been his command, but also the way he keeps hitters off balance and changes speeds and eye levels. Yost argues that there’s a difference between someone who stands on the mound and throws and someone who is a pitcher, and he believes Chen is definitely the latter.

A work in progress

Although Yost worked for the organization before taking over the manager position, he said it still takes time, a couple weeks to a month, to get to know players on a personal level and figure out what makes them tick. He said he has tried to really study and watch players in order to find out what they focus on and don’t focus on. In general, Yost takes a mixed approach when it comes to treatment of his players. He claimed that while most rules apply to everyone, he still tries to treat everyone as individuals. The main rule he is concerned with is simply maintaining a high standard of play. The manager expects everyone to give all they have each day.

Feeling at home

Yost had nothing but positive things to say about his experience with the Royals. He thinks he has a great group of players who have the desire to win, and he is also very fond of Kansas City and Kauffman Stadium.

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