Ned Yost media session: June 3

When Royals manager Ned Yost met with the media this morning he was asked about today’s starting pitcher Zack Greinke in his follow-up to his AL Cy Young season. Yost feels that Greinke has pitched great this year, keeping his ball club in games. Yost said, “He just needs to keep doing what he has been doing.” Yost doesn’t believe his hitters are putting any extra pressure on themselves; stating they just need to improve offensively with Greinke on the mound.

Yost also commented on today’s starting second baseman Chris Getz. Yost believes that Getz gives the Royals the best infield defense combination, which is a key for him with Greinke on the mound. While Yost also sees the time off for infielder Mike Aviles as a good opportunity for him to step back and refocus on his defense.

Yost also was asked if he saw last night’s near perfect game by Detroit Tigers starter Armando Galarraga. Yost said he felt for the game’s first base umpire Jim Joyce, on what appears to be a blown call that cost Galarraga the perfect game in the ninth inning last night. Yost still thinks that Joyce is one of the top five best umpires in the game today, but also believes MLB should do anything within reason to get the call right.

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