Ned Yost Media Session: June 1

Moving on up…

Royals Manager Ned Yost hasn’t been known for altering his lineup since becoming the Royals skipper. However, he wanted to give infielder Mike Aviles the night off and decided to move catcher Jason Kendall into the two hole; while tonight’s starting second baseman, Chris Getz, will hit ninth. Yost feels that Kendall is a perfect fit there with Aviles sitting. He said that Kendall’s situational hitting and patience make him a good hitter for the second spot in the lineup.

Live for the Moment…

Yost stressed the importance for his players to focus day-to-day; not allowing the highs and lows of a season to affect their mental approach. He said his players’ concentration should be on what needs to be done to win today’s ballgame and playing every game hard.

Sunny side up…

Yost was asked if his management style is to approach the game from a positive angle. Yost said that he always tries to find the best in any situation because he knows how difficult baseball is to play at the Major League level. He also said that in his experience, if you approach players with their successes it gives you a starting point for which to build off of instead of constantly harping on the negative.

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